If we asked you if you fancied a gin & tonic your thoughts might turn to the clink of the ice as it falls into the glass, the fizz of the tonic as you twist the lid and the glug of the gin as you pour out the shot.

But what if  we offered you a different tipple? The chance to try a different kind of tonic? In light of the recent alcohol guidance you might just be up for something new. A swim & tonic perhaps?

In 2016 the first measure of swim & tonic was poured. We’re a  movement of people who want to connect through swimming in the pool, lake or wild. A Facebook group was set up and the community began to grow: swimmers swimming in pools, lidos, quarries, lakes, rivers and seas whilst equal provision is also made for those who don’t swim; the ‘Tonic’ in the form of socialising around water and eating cake. There is no pressure to get in the water.

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